Work hard, play hard

A short phrase that captures the essence of working at Recas. We contribute and are rewarded. Our employees are committed to their tasks, go the extra mile, and deliver with precision. You are supported by dedicated managers whose main mission is to advance employees to ensure they feel good and can perform well. With us you become part of the Recas family where we together create the environment we want to be in.


The Employees are Recas' priority

The headline says it all: the employees are Recas’ priority. With us, this is not just empty words – it is the core of Recas and something we work towards every day. With a focus on both physical and mental health, inside and outside of work, we create conditions for our employees to thrive and feel good. We achieve this in part through a tailored benefits package that enables a healthy lifestyle.

With us, you become part of the Recas family, where we together create the environment we want to be in. We do things together – more or less formally. From lunch walks to Christmas dinners, and lunchtime runs, to organized activities. The examples are many and varied just like us, but we are always happy to welcome more people, so welcome to us and our family!


We need you

If you have questions about a position, feel free to contact one of our consulting managers. Of course, it is also fine to contact us even if there is currently no vacant position that suits you, but you just want to know more about Recas as a workplace.


Submit an open application

We are always looking for new employees with exciting profiles and we never close the door on new opportunities to expand our portfolio. Moreover, we are growing quickly and do not always manage to update our job vacancies, so if you don’t find a suitable position listed? Send in an open application and we can surely find a match.

Lediga Jobb

Gör en spontanansökan

Vi vet talang när vi ser det. Så vet du att du har det, utan att hitta ett ledigt jobb som passar just dina kvalitéer, vill vi mer än gärna att du söker jobb hos oss ändå. Desto fler talangfulla medarbetare desto bättre tänker vi.