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Recas is a consulting company by heart and soul. Our historical core business includes construction, production, and automation. We also offer strong expertise in software development, IT, management consulting, and business development. Our holistic approach sets us apart from the crowd – Recas’ methodology for analyzing companies and operations results in optimization and efficiency improvements. Recas has also been entrusted to provide complete development offices to leading Swedish manufacturing industries. A testament of our flexbility and proven value add for our customers.


Consulting firm with specialized expertise
and focus on customer relationships

At Recas, we help you seize every possibility provided to develop your business. Here, you will find consultants with specialized expertise and skills in construction, production, IT, software, and business development. A fantastic team that you can hire whenever you wish.

We have a strong focus on customer relationships and assist you with entire projects from start to finish. Additionally, you gain access to Recas Test Labs where you can test all types of products in all kinds of weather, enabling you to make informed decisions when it comes to product development and design. We’ll handle the rest when we meet. First, we want to know more about you. That’s where it all starts.


Hire one or more of our consultants – remotely, on-site, or hybrid.

We love to help you with your challenges and are eager to take on your project together. We can also lead it in-house at our own facilities.

Recas All Inclusive

Are you starting a new development office or opening a factory? Recas assists you with everything from developing a business strategy to finding the right location and facilities, and the right personnel. With our All-Inclusive offer, we are with you every step of the way.

Recas’ experienced consultants help companies streamline processes, develop, and manage technological assets, and make well-informed decisions.

In the field of IT and software, we help you optimize processes, make well-informed decisions, and streamline the management of product data.

Our testing facilities at Stallbacka, Trollhättan are designed to test and validate products from a wide range of markets.

With our broad expertise, we use our entire spectrum of skills to implement major changes for our clients.

Efficiency is the key to increased profitability. With the right automation, you optimize your product flows while eliminating risky and monotonous tasks.

In a time of rapid changes in the job market, it is crucial to ensure that value remains within the company.

Genom vår breda expertis kan vi använda hela vår kompetensflora för att göra större förändringsarbeten hos våra kunder.

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