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Recas, who are we?

Recas is a consulting firm within the technology sector, with a focus on construction, production, IT, and software. Early on, we discovered that proud employees and strong customer relationships are the way forward – that’s why we view our client collaborations as partnerships. With offices in Trollhättan and Gothenburg, we aim to be the obvious choice for customers in the region, and continuously work to build long-term relationships based on trust, commitment, and flexibility.

History and Future

In the Norweigan coast in 2012

Recas’ history began in the Norwegian coast in 2012. Micael Lawson, founder and CEO, had emigrated from Jämtland and worked as an engineer at Saab. When Saab closed its doors in 2011, he packed up and moved on to Norway, where he worked in the Norwegian oil industry. Micael soon realized that the company he worked for did not share his values and thoughts on personnel policies. A few months later, Micael had a plan ready for a new consulting firm, focused on construction and production but with a focus on employee well-being. Said and done. In 2012, Micael started Recas, a consulting firm targeting the Norwegian oil industry with the vision that each employee is Recas’ priority.


It's about feeling good.

With a strong focus on well-being and health, both at work and outside of it, we can proudly say that we have employees who thrive and feel good. We achieve this through a pronounced focus on health and a tailored benefits package that enables a healthy lifestyle.

The final piece of the well-being puzzle for us is giving back to the community. That’s why Recas works with Karma – do good, get good. This work doesn’t just involve donating money to charity or supporting local initiatives; we also have extensive internal efforts where we offer our employees a karma day – a day paid for by us with the purpose of giving back. Whether it’s helping clean a beach or singing and playing at a nursing home, this is how we collectively give back to the community around us.

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The variety that makes us successful

As a consulting firm in the technology sector, it’s not always straightforward to understand what we do and what services we offer, so if you have any questions, feel free to reach out! Additionally, we’re big coffee drinkers who can talk for hours, so if you just want to drop by for a cup and discuss opportunities and challenges in the tech industry, we’re all ears!

recas ingenjörskonsulter kontakta konsultchefer

Robin Jansson Consulting Manager | Liselotte Hall Business Area Manager (Recas Engineering) | Ali Mohammadian Consulting Manager | Lina Persson Consulting Manager | Gunilla Bryngelsson Consulting Manager

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recas ingenjörskonsulter kontakta Micael Lawson

Micael Lawson     |    CEO

recas ingenjörskonsulter kontakta Liselotte Hall

Liselotte Hall     |   Business Area Manager

recas ingenjörskonsulter kontakta Stefan Barbunopulos

Stefan Barbunopulos     |   CEO Recas IT

recas ingenjörskonsulter kontakta Gunilla Bryngelsson

Gunilla Bryngelsson     |    Consultant Manager

Ansvarsområden: Mekanisk konstruktion, Projektledning & Kvalitet

recas ingenjörskonsulter kontakta Lina Persson

Lina Persson     |    Consultant Manager

Ansvarsområde: Mjukvara

recas ingenjörskonsulter kontakta Robin Jansson

Robin Jansson     |   Consultant Manager

recas ingenjörskonsulter kontakta Ali Mohammadian

Ali Mohammadian     |    Consultant Manager

Ansvarsområden: Göteborgs stad


Fredrik Thompson     |    Specialist Software & Automation

recas ingenjörskonsulter kontakta Mats Ericsson

Mats Ericsson     |    Lab Manager


Jan Pettersson      |      Specialist Business Intelligence & Data Warehousing


Mikael Brandt     |    Senior advisor

The Board

With a modern approach to employee governance

Micael Lawson, CEO of Recas, and the board consist of experienced leaders from various business areas. Our diversity uniquely qualifies us to support companies cross-functionally, spanning everything from design, production, and software to business development.

recas ingenjörskonsulter styrelsen
Micael Lawson | Stig Nodin | Dennis Kristensson | Jan OlanderAnnette Ögren
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